New Cherry Phone From Cherry Mobile, Is It A Winner?

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Cherry Phones You Might Want To Buy

Introducing the Cherry Phone or Cherry Mobile Phone.  Nowadays  dual  sim mobile phones are getting more attention in the Philippine Market. An average consumer have at least two cell phone numbers, one for business and one for the family.  Getting two cell phones is too costly especially in times crisis. It’s also very bulky in the pocket when you’re in the run and sometimes you forget to bring the other when you needed it most. Those are just some disadvantages of getting two cell phones. Here is the niche of cherry phone entered
the market.

Cherry Mobile has made the solutions. Integrating the high tech lifestyle features to the cherry phone offering it in a substantial low price while maintaining the quality of the product. Cherry phones come with dual sim phones, which means you don't have to buy two but you only need one and you get two sim card slots and each will simultaneously become active in your cherry phone.

Cherry Phone introduces their first batch of knock out products that will really be a hit to the masses.  Targeted phone features for wide range of consumers. My  favorite is M35 Cherry Phone. All that I’m looking for in a cell phone in terms of functionality is all in nad cherry phone have them all. It’s very functional.  As users becomes more demanding from their cell phones, Cherry Mobile phones has adapted to that trend.

The prices of Cherry Phone units are surely a price to be beaten by the competitors. Where else can you find features as dual band, 2 megapixel camera, with video recording, expandable memory of 2 GB,  Blue tooth connectivity and GPRS ready? Mind you, M35 Cherry phone is only P5,650  for having these features I mentioned, not only that, there’s more like it has a T.V. functionality wherein I find it very neat.
There’s an entry level phone which is D20 Life Model Cherry Phone and it has full packed features that even an ordinary student will enjoy. It cost for only P2,990. Other cheap mobile phone only has half of the features compare to cherry phones.

Cherry phone set service centers around the country as they launched the product. They understand that they need to take care of their cherry phone customers. There will surely be a glitch to their phones as they mass produce. Well, many Nokia users experienced glitch to their cell phone's  hardware and software too. If the big mobile phone companies have factory defects, it means it’s normal as long as they get great after sales services. Cherry mobile phone  understands that.

It’s common to hear that you get what you pay. Cherry Mobile broke the rule. With Cherry Phone, you get more on what you pay. They over delivered. In terms of functionality, durability, after sales service and the price, what can you expect more. Yes, they are new to the market, but this is Filipino made. I’m proud of it. Cherry phones is a winner.

Where to buy cherry phones? You can buy directly from Cherry Mobile  stores or reserve it on us and we'll gladly give it in a discounted rate. We get it direct from Cosmic Technologies, so the cherry phone you'll get will also come with warranty as usual.

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