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M35 Integra Cherry Phone From Cherry Mobile Review


Posted by busybuddy | Posted in , | Posted on 2:01 AM

Cherry mobile in introduced one of their best cherry phone unit called M35 Integra. And certified Cherry phones carries an integrated media features. It has MP3 and MP4 player. It also have a 2.0 megapixel camera.

At first when I saw the Cherry Mobile logo, I thought it's a telephone company or another cell phone company from either Cherry Mobile UK or from Cherry Mobile Singapore. But then when I saw that the endorser is cherry phone is John Lloyd Cruz, it took my attention. The first thing I did was go to the Internet and Google it to see this new mobile cell phone player in the country. I was surprised that it was a Filipino owned company named Cosmic Technologies. The first handset that got my attention was the M35 Integra cherry phone.

What are the best features of M35 Integra cherry phone from Cherry Mobile?

What a love with this M35 Cherry phone unit is it has a

New Cherry Phone From Cherry Mobile, Is It A Winner?


Posted by busybuddy | Posted in | Posted on 10:13 PM

Cherry Phones You Might Want To Buy

Introducing the Cherry Phone or Cherry Mobile Phone.  Nowadays  dual  sim mobile phones are getting more attention in the Philippine Market. An average consumer have at least two cell phone numbers, one for business and one for the family.  Getting two cell phones is too costly especially in times crisis. It’s also very bulky in the pocket when you’re in the run and sometimes you forget to bring the other when you needed it most. Those are just some disadvantages of getting two cell phones. Here is the niche of cherry phone entered